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Why do you want to sale?

There are several reason why you would want to sale your home and here are some of the most basic ones

  • Family
  • Employment
  • Affordability
  • Retiring

In any situation we’re here to help, it is easy to set out a plan that can fulfill you expectations. Our commitment and professional expertise can overcome any challenge.

It is time to clean

Besides freaky tenants (if you have any), there is nothing that can delay a transaction more that the condition of the house, at time of visits you really need to make sure your home is in a presentable shape, detaching emotionally from you home and displaying it as a product will avoid a lot of hassle. We came up with a list of chores that should be done based on many years of experience, toda we can confidently say that if you don’t clean it you won’t sell it:

Inside your house

Clean all bathrooms
Be mindful about of any odour, keeping heavy cooking limited is highly recommended during the period of the sale
Keep only healthy plants with green foliage and always fresh flowers are a good idea
you must have a plan for your pets if you don’t want your dog or cat running free around the neighbourhood always a kennel is a good idea but if multiple appointments are booked for the same day find a dog or cat sitter
Remove furniture that could potentially make rooms and spaces smaller
Make sure that you kitchen counter is free of small appliances and it shines for every appointment
Declutter garage and basement. this will be a great opportunity to donate what you no longer use
Replace broken lamps and burned out bulbs
Repaint walls using neutral colours is recommended
Make sure hardwood floors are shining and carpets are washed
Appliances must be all in good working order and also clean in and out
Windows and sliding doors must be shiny at all times
Clean out litter box
Wash drapes and curtains
Outside the house:

Your house is a product now make sure you present it to your prospects, is it time to live like in a soap opera

Remove and pack all collectible, artwork, photographs that will deviate attention of your possible purchasers
By removing extra furniture the actual size of the room will be appreciated
Candles and fresh flowers have always done the trick at the time of selling a house
get new fluffy cushions for your couch
And sadly you have to put away the Lazy Boy, wait no, not your husband…we’re talking about the worn out love seat.

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