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No two transactions are alike, each seller or buyer are different and fluent communication makes planning of each transaction a success. The key is to understand and simplify the approach on each transactions.

About Carolina

Motivated by the good feelings of servicing  happy families since 2001  real estate has been a conscious daily activity.

The hardest thing of my job is telling people to stop their daily routine when they’re selling their home and that keeping a clean house as if kids could glide and dogs don’t go outside.

In any case there is alway a sensible solution to every circumstance related to the sale or purchase of a house.

Meet Team Carolina

The most important work is the one you do as a team, Carolina prides herself in performing with the professionals, form the best and most competent mortgage brokers, home inspectors and a the most reliable and resourceful attorneys is not just the transaction is the peace of mind for parties involved when things are done in an organized and timely manner


The approval of your mortgage can’t be left to chance. Before you proceed is best to know what you can qualify for

Home Inspector

There is not such a thing as a perfect house. Home inspections are useful lessons about how to keep a house in good shape and make it last forever. We encourage every single buyer to go through the process of the Home Inspection so they know how what to expect from their purchase  

carolina padron

carolina padron

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Your closing transaction includes a lot of little details like 

Title search, title registration, mortgage payout among a lot of others tasks to guarantee a successful closing  

We’re never too busy for any of your questions or concerns.