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ph0, Carolina Padron | Real Estate - Sales Representative

Sale – Buy – Rent- Invest

The way to reach all your Real Estate goals is here.
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If the sale of your home is keeping you up at night, make sure to click here for all the valuable information you need to consider before selling your home. The roadmap to a successful sale is waiting for you.


If you’ve been thinking about buying a house because  you’ve been paying rent for a long time and making some else rich,  this is the right path to your new fabulous home.

Renters - Landlords

All you need to know before you rent a place in Toronto and adjacent cities.


We’re all on the path of increasing our wealth and getting ready for a fun and financially solvent retirement. Stop losing (gambling) money on stock markets a get ready to find out how your money can multiply simply by using your own equity. If you want to secure your future start here.

My Commitment

Moving isn’t an easy task, selling or buying a house is one of the most  or important personal assignments in one’s life that can lead to more frustration and uneeded work if you don’t know what to do. Setting out a road map so you can understand the process is part of my job.

I’ve been practicing real estate for 17 years and all I can say is that there is not one transaction like the other and everybody has different goals and concerns. I’m grateful to have learned to identify each one and to create successful transactions for all parties involved.

Go ahead, navigate this site with ease and if you have any questions or concerns please make sure to let me know, I’ll  be more than happy to get back to you with a positive answer.

How well do you know the city of Toronto?

The GTA or Greater Toronto Area is one of the biggest cities in the province of Ontario. It is a vibrant city which consists of the central city of Toronto and the four municipalities that surround it.

Avila Realty Group INC.

Avila Realty Group INC., is located at the following address

2-6285 Miller’s Grove Mississauga, Ontario L5N 3C6

You can also contact us at (416) 917-1107

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